Scalextric Videos

1980’s Scalextric Advert

Below is an advert for Scalextric from the 1980s that I found from trawling through youtube. I can remember the advert from when I was growing up. I can also remember writing to Santa at Christmas asking for the starting gantry!

The longest Scalextric track in the world!

Zoo magazine made the longest Scalextric Track in the world. See the construction of the biggest slot car racetrack ever built! I love the intro: “I never thought I’d get into the Guiness Book of Records because I’m pretty lazy…but I’ve been given loads of money…”

Ready, Set, Go!

Ready, Set, Go is a fantastic song by the Zukoboys. The song has a great video, which is based on a Scalextric car chase! View the video below in all it’s racing car glory!

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