Scalextric ARC (App Race Control) is a revolutionary slot car system that allows users to wirelessly create and manage races with a smartphone or tablet.

Scalextric Sets

All you need to start racing Scalextric! Sets come complete with cars, controllers and track to race on.
Choose between Scalextric ARC, Standard, Micro Scalextric sets and My First Scalextric sets.

Scalextric Cars

A wide selection of Scalextric cars including F1 cars, supercars and road cars!

Scalextric Track

Increase the length of your race track with extra corners and straights.

Scalextric Accessories

Spares and accessories.

Other Slot Cars

A selection of slot car race sets from Carrera, SCX and WRC.

Breaking the Scalextric Speed Record – James May’s Top Toys

James May introduces his favourite toys, including Corgi and Matchbox cars and then tries to beat the measured mile land speed record with a Scalextric car.
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You Can’t Beat Scalextric

The Black Capri and the white BMW shown in the advert were my first Scalextric cars.
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1980’s Scalextric Advert

Below is an advert for Scalextric from the 1980s that I found from trawling through youtube. I can remember the advert from when I was growing up. I can also remember writing to Santa at Christmas asking for the starting gantry!
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Used Scalextric

Grab yourself a bargain! There are tonnes of Scalextric selling in auctions everyday on eBay! Our top tip to find a bargain is search Ebay for misspellings as lots of people struggle spelling Scalextric! So if you are looking for a real bargain, some cheap Scalectrix cars , a cheap digital Scalextrix set, or just some extra Scalectric track, then try searching eBay using our handy tool.
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